Four years? I’ll do it in three.


(Accepted as my head canon every time I see the nerf gun photo)

Dinner times with the Watsons.

As they are both crack shots who would win?

You decide lol.

(Both photos are not mine. Credit to the creators. Using photos for fun.)


And I’m not even talking about the new ones. They don’t even reach the gayness of the old star trek movies omg.

The Motion Picture a.k.a Spock and Jim get back together.

And the book is even gayer omg.

(I dont think this is from The motion Picture…I just like looking at it)




"In simpler language, Captain, they drafted me!"
They didn’t.”
"This is your idea? This was your idea, wasn’t it?"


This man has definitely the most beautiful smile in the world.

The one breath of fresh air in amongst The Motion Picture’s nightmare of taupe taupe onesies and weird Teletubbie belt-buckles is… Spock. Spock is the fashion messiah. Which is kind of intriguing when you consider the fact that Vulcans are meant to be ultra-rational and unconcerned with material things. I always found Vulcan fashion to be a particularly clever element of the visuals of Star Trek, because it’s this blindingly obvious visual clue that Vulcans are nowhere near as logical as they claim. The intricacies of Vulcan style are completely in keeping with their love of tradition, ritual, and symbolism. — Star Trek: The Motion Picture — A costume design nightmare.