Hey! Let’s make a cheap bid for sentimentality by imitating a scene from a superior film that had earned the emotions it evoked!

oh and make Khan white, that would be great

This is one of the most bad-fanfic things about the reboot movies.  I have read, in my time, AU fanfics where characters from something or other are thrown into a situation where they have known each other for a short time, or not at all, and their relationships immediately fall into the patterns of their canonical friendship (or whatever) which actually took years or even decades to build.

The reboot relies so heavily on the prime storyline to give it any kind of legs that it couldn’t possibly stand on its own as a story, and yet casually trashes important elements of Star Trek prime universe whenever it feels like it.  Make Khan white.  Make Kirk a sexist asshole.  Blow up Vulcan.  Oh, and Romulus too.  And fridge Spock’s mom.  And make Christine Chapel an off-camera sex joke.

I don’t care how big their budget was, to me, they don’t exist.  Just bad fanfiction with a lot of lensflare.  (and some admittedly really great actors who I will hopefully get to enjoy in other things.)

fabtrek asked: winona getting drunk and talking to george about engineering for like three hours and he just sits there and lets her go on and on and on



He’s in danger of failing his engineering core classes (“I’m command track!  Why do I have to take other shit!” even though he knows PERFECTLY well that he has to have a rounded curriculum) because he doesn’t get any of it.  He’s not a mechanically-minded guy, okay.

But despite all of Winona’s attempts at tutoring and helping, it’s her drunk ramblings that simplify the material enough for him to actually understand it.

So when he passes with flying colors and she’s like HAH I knew my teaching would help, he just grins and goes, “Well actually…”